Creating Development

Industrial Automation

Automating has always been our core in the company, we program PLCs to integrate into the control cabinets we develop. We have extensive experience programming all types of PLC of the main brands. We do our own engineering and our own electrical / control cabinets.

  • Process control and automation.
  • Development of applications to SCADA systems and measures
  • Smart and connected factory.


For each project we do a previous study of the installation or the equipment on which we are going to work, from the beginning we have always had our own department and we have developed our electrical engineering to later manufacture our control panels.

  • Electrical and electronic design engineering.
  • Manufacture, installation and commissioning of electrical cabinets and control panels.
  • Modernization of industrial processes.
  • Industrial Process Maintenance.
  • Industrial Maintenance.
  • Instrumentation and calibration of on-site equipment.
  • Tank gauging system


It has been one of the strongest points of the company for 5 years, having undertaken many projects successfully, because we not only commit ourselves to our clients / technological partners but also scrupulously meet their needs. We specialize in Naval Robotics with development of welding and profile cutting cells. In the aeronautical sector we are also present with cells for drilling, riveting and sanding of aeronautical surfaces. In this field we work with the main robot manufacturers, integrating our solutions with their equipment, always top-notch.

  • Development and integration in production lines of industrial and collaborative robots.